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Have a Witness Whenever You Need It With a Extra Wide Angle Lens or Super Wide That Doesn’t Miss Any Action

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Camera Features

Super HD 1296P

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Extra Wide Angle Lens or Super Wide

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Plug and Play Installation

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Why Buy the HD PRO?

Evidence in the Case of an Accident

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Real proof in the case of an accident begins with your new dash mounted camera. The HD PRO is your witness to show what truly happened.

Protection Against Corruption

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Today, corruption on the road is everywhere. To prevent paying for something that you didn’t do, the HD PRO can help.


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Want to make sure you always have a witness to capture amazing events as they occur? The HD PRO was built to record all of life’s greatest moments.

Witness What the HD PRO Can Do

At Wheel Witness, we’re more about action than talk. See what the HD PRO can really do to see why you’ll never drive without one again.

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