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WheelWitness HD PRO Plus User Manual

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Troubleshooting Questions

If you have any issues with the camera please review the common issues and scenarios below. If you still have trouble, please contact us at the bottom of this page. Generally, with any issues we always recommend
  • Checking your power source
  • Making sure you are using a quality microSD card
    • (Some model SD cards, such as Sandisk Ultra are known to cause issues because they do not support high intensity environments such as video recording.)
  • Formatting SD Card
  • Resetting Camera to Default settings
  • Checking to see if symptoms return
The account feature is only for units purchased directly on the website.
The camera GPS, is not a navigation system nor a tracking device. The camera will embed the GPS coordinates into metadata of the video file, so you can see the map alongside the video of where you have driven. You can then use or to play it back alongside the map.
You can register your unit here: Once the form is filled out we have your information in the database.


All HD PRO Plus models come with a One Year warranty from the purchase date.

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