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What is a Dashcam?
A dashboard video camera, or simply a dashcam, is a small video camera designed to attach to your car’s windshield to record video as you drive. Most recently, dash mount cameras were made popular in Russia. Other common names for dashcams include dashboard video cameras and video dash cams.
Why are They Called Dash cams (or dashboard cameras)?
Originally, dash cameras were used specifically for cops and were mounted on the dashboard of the car. Now, dash mounted cameras can be mounted to windshields and are used by many drivers around the globe.
How is a Dash Cam Used?
After you have purchased a dash cam, such as the Wheel Witness HD PRO, installation is simple and straightforward. Typically, setting up your new dashcam is as simple as the following three steps:
  1. Insert your memory card into the device.
  2. Attach the fixed plate securely to your windshield.
  3. Plug your new HD PRO into the power source and get going.
Recording is automatic, meaning that you don’t have to do anything extra when you’re driving. Simply plug in, sit back, drive, and enjoy your own personal Wheel Witness.
What are Dash cams Used For?
There are countless uses for a dashcam, including video proof in the case of an accident, protection against corrupt drivers or officials, as well as for your own personal enjoyment and recreation. Of course, the only factor holding back your potential uses for your new HD PRO is you!
Who are Dash cams Designed For?
Dash mounted cameras were originally used for emergency vehicles, buses, and other public transportation. However, due to increasing concerns over false liability claims and accidents, individuals have become increasingly concerned with also placing these cameras within their own cars. This means that dashcams are designed for everyone who wants to protect themselves or equip themselves to capture the amazing moments that you sometimes see on the roads.
How Do Dash cams Work?
Although some dashcams are difficult to setup and use, the HD PRO is different. In fact, by just plugging it in to your power source while driving, recording is automatic. This means no hassling with an instruction manual when you’re ready to get started. Instead, you can get the protection that you want that works in conjunction with your car. How simple is that?
What Happens if My Memory Card Runs out of Space?
One of the most essential features of dash mounted cameras is that they are equipped with the ability to consistently record. This loop-style of recording means that when your memory card reaches capacity, it will start over at the beginning to ensure that nothing is missed. Of course, you can always have more than one memory card on hand in case you want to save anything on your previous memory card. This can be especially helpful if an accident occurs or if you capture something that you would like to keep.
Are Dash cams Legal?
In the United States, dashcam usage is legal provided that you do not infringe on the privacy of another individual. Because there is no expectation of privacy when you venture into public space, there are no issues with the law. However, recording audio has different laws governing their use. This means that it is typically best to disable the audio on your camera if you’re in the car with others. Of course, if you are ever pulled over, you should always inform the officer that you have a dashcam and that they are being recorded.
Where can I download the Instruction Manual?
Please follow the links below to our Instruction Manuals Instruction Manual Page

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